Judging Criteria

The judges will be judging the proposals for and selecting the finalists from Stage 1 and the winner from Stage 2 based on the following criteria.

Feasibility (30%)

  Could you see this as a real administrative action that could be implemented today?

  Is the proposal targeting the most appropriate office or institution?

  Have the most important stakeholders been identified and their influence on the prospects and shape of the proposal properly captured?

Innovation and Creativity (20%)

  To what extent is this a novel solution?

  If this idea, or a version of it has been tried before, has the team outlined how their current proposal is different?

Impact and Scale (20%)

  Has this proposal appropriately captured the consequences of the status quo?

  How large is the potential impact of the idea in both the short-term and long-term?

Quality of Benefit-Cost Analysis (20%)

  Have the most salient benefits and cost been identified?

  Was it clear how the valuation of each of the benefits and costs were estimated? Are they sensible?

  Were the benefits and costs presented in such a way that the distributional consequences to stakeholder were evident?

Clarity and Conciseness of Writing and Presentation (10%)

We encourage you to carefully review your proposal and presentation to make sure that it addresses all of these aspects.