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Generally, policy is ultimately instantiated in documents. So one of the challenges of a policy-maker is to figure out which “document” he or she has to create or edit. Examples include:

  • Legislation
  • Regulation
  • Budget
  • Executive Orders or Presidential Memoranda
  • Authoritative statement of national policy or strategy (e.g. Presidential Study Directives)
  • Decision Memorandum
  • Scheduling Proposal
  • Statement of Administration Policy on legislation
  • Amicus brief on an important case
  • OMB circular
  • Speeches
  • The charter of an inter-agency working group
  • Agency directives
  • R&D roadmaps
  • “Fact sheets” and press releases for events
  • Announcements of private sector commitments
  • Studies or reports
  • Memoranda of Understanding between two or more agencies or public-private partnership
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Notices of Inquiry
  • Job descriptions for a new position